In Flight Entertainment


I'm taking a trip in a few days. I'll be in the air for roughly five hours. Flying is a lot like waiting. I hate waiting.


So I'm trying to come up with stuff to keep me entertained in flight. I'm mercurial, and change my mind about what I want often. This isn't great when I'm going to be stuck in the air for an extended period of time, likely without network connectivity.


I have a steamdeck, my laptop, an ebook reader, a cheap Android tablet, and my cell phone. When I've done trips like this in the past I've taken a palm pilot (well, a palm T|X) to use as a podcast and movie player, and ebook reader. That was 2019 early 2020. I'm feeling less whimsical now, so I'm taking some less twee devices.


The last time I flew, I watched several film serials from the 30s and 40s, I listened to episodes of a couple of podcasts that I haven't revisted since, and I read a book.


Specifically the Movies:


- The Adventures of Captain Marvel

- The Spider's Web

- Inner Sanctum (1948)


and the book "Meddling Kids"


I don't remember what Podcasts I listened to, something to do with Infocom games, and some Decoder Ring Theatre I imagine.


I'm trying to decide what to take with me this time, but I really don't know.


I don't have any TV shows lined up, there aren't any big films on my To Watch list. I just finished the last book I was reading and haven't started another. I feel like I want to take some video games, but again, I really don't know.


Do you have any suggestions for me? Find me on Mastodon.



In Flight Entertainment was published on 2023-01-21