Hello world


I'm Andrew, you might know me from:


Retro.Social - A Mastodon instance I've run since 2016

New Ellijay Television - A new media collective, streaming television service

Expedition Sasquatch - A TV show and Podcast I've produced since 2017

Analog Revolution - A magazine, record label, record store, etc. etc. etc.

My Archival Work around Television Shows from the 1950s

The Makerspace

The Coffee Shop

The Radio Station


or several other places that I've been active over the years.


Or maybe you don't know me at all. That's fine too. I've been dabbling in geminispace for a while (I was, in small ways, part of the discussion that sparked its creation!) but it took me until now to find what feels like a long term home. I'm working on migrating my old blog posts and things over, and shooting to be Gemini First going forward, because I think that will be better for the way I think and work.


Thanks for following along.


Posts on ajroach42.com


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